MS-ERW & GI Pipes (IS:3989:2009)

We supply GI Pipes which are used in treatment of Raw Water. These are lighter, easy to applicate and handle and are also economical

MS ERW Black Pipes & MS GI Pipes

These are High Temperature & Corrosion Resistant piping Solutions

High Temperature Use:

MS ERW Black Pipes: Ideal for fire fighting systems.
MS GI Pipes: Recommended for some high-temperature applications.
Corrosion Resistance:

MS ERW Black Pipes: Suitable for corrosive environments.
MS GI Pipes: Zinc-coated for extended lifespan, perfect for water and sewage treatment.

Thicker zinc coating for superior corrosion protection. Ideal for long-lasting performance in harsh environments.


Water & Sewage

Automotive Purposes

Oil & Gas Transportation

Engineering & Electric Poles

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